Week 11: a bit frustrated, honestly

Week 11 was a week of highs and lows from a research point of view: while I did a lot of consolidating, and returning to work brought some welcome routine to my week (even if I was floored by the amount of work there suddenly was to do before the end of term...), it also… Continue reading Week 11: a bit frustrated, honestly

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Weeks 9-10: #UCUStrikes – My #PrecarityStory

In lieu of a research blog this week, I'm respecting the digital picket line and taking the opportunity to share a #PrecarityStory that those close to me know, but that I haven't felt brave enough to talk about in detail in public fora up to this point. tl;dr - precarity intersects with lots of other… Continue reading Weeks 9-10: #UCUStrikes – My #PrecarityStory

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Weeks 5 & 6: Clearing the Decks

"Research" the past two weeks has meant making space for research: in my brain, on my desk, in my inbox, on to-do list. It's meant laying foundations for future stuff and wrapping up existing projects. In the past two weeks I've dipped in and out of an edition of As You Like It that is waaaay behind,… Continue reading Weeks 5 & 6: Clearing the Decks

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Week 2: Not-Writing That Is Also Writing?

This was a long week. I didn't write anything -- at least, I didn't write anything that wasn't a lecture, or a teaching slide, or prompts for an in-class exercise. I did a two-hour, Friday-morning, third-year seminar on postmodernism followed swiftly by a first-year seminar about how we do critical thinking and analysis. I love… Continue reading Week 2: Not-Writing That Is Also Writing?

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Week 1: Proposal Drafting (Easier and Harder)

I'm at the end of my first full week of teaching this academic year--phew! As much as I love it, I'm utterly exhausted: I'm covering more material (at varying distances from my comfort zone of expertise), across more levels, in more hours than I ever have before. Everything hurts--including my brain--and so I wasn't sure… Continue reading Week 1: Proposal Drafting (Easier and Harder)

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Week 0: Let’s Pretend

I want to pretend, for now, that I'm going to shift my energy toward the Measure for Measure book in the short term, and imagine what happens if I do that. This follows on from a really helpful ECR publishing chat yesterday with some of my excellent Bristol colleagues (*waves at Kirsty, Peter, Nick, and Mark*). What… Continue reading Week 0: Let’s Pretend

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New Year, New Writing

With two weeks to go until classes start for the new academic year, I'm doing my best to set up some good habits that will carry me through what promises to be a very busy term. While it's important to be realistic about what's feasible (and healthy) in terms of writing goals during a jam-packed… Continue reading New Year, New Writing


#Shax2020 Workshop: Staging Sexual Violence in Early Modern Drama

I'm very pleased to announce that the fabulous Erin Julian and I will be running a workshop at SAA's 2020 Annual Meeting in Denver called '#MeToo: Staging Sexual Violence in Early Modern Drama'. Since we only get 500 characters in the program, I wanted to share the longer description here for anyone who might be… Continue reading #Shax2020 Workshop: Staging Sexual Violence in Early Modern Drama