Theatre and Language, Part A

Part A of what might be a multi-part half-rant-half-analysis. I'm heading off to England to pursue an MFA in Staging Shakespeare in just over a month. No one will ever convince me that language is not an integral part of the theatre experience, both for audience and for actor. That being said, one of my… Continue reading Theatre and Language, Part A


Reflections on an Opening Weekend

Before I totally collapse and commence my much-needed day off, I need a little decompression. What I need more than anything, really, is a bubble bath and a massage and a nap (see my friend Sheelagh's blog post re: bubble baths for a full listing of all their benefits. Search sheelbeel and you should find… Continue reading Reflections on an Opening Weekend


Fringe Attack!!!

WARNING: This post is aimed mostly at those who have not experienced / know little-to-nothing about the Toronto Fringe and Fringe festivals in general. So, Julian Munds, you probably should read no further on pain of boredom. You have been warned. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I sustained some minor war wounds from my encounter with the official Toronto… Continue reading Fringe Attack!!!