Exeter, Just Because

Christmas Music

DISCLAIMER: I love Christmas music more than I love ponies and rainbows. The frustration expressed via comedy in this post in no way reflects my general attitude toward Christmas music. _________________________________________________________ Now that (American) Thanksgiving has passed us by, it's officially normal, acceptable, and even desirable to begin playing Christmas music! There is a playlist… Continue reading Christmas Music

Exeter, Just Because

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here it is, ladies and gents: the obligatory 'Thanksgiving Post'! In the spirit of this great holiday (which is the only holiday that is truly all about food! gosh, I love food.), I'd like to take a break from all the political, world-saving, problem-solving posts I've been doing lately and just take a minute to… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!

Beef, Exeter

What Have We Done?

As a very wise professor (emeritus) said to me earlier today, 'If everyone gets a first, then there is no such thing as a first.' In other words, unless a low mark makes one stop and think about what could have been improved upon in the essay/performance in question, then marks are worth nothing at… Continue reading What Have We Done?