Christmas Music

DISCLAIMER: I love Christmas music more than I love ponies and rainbows. The frustration expressed via comedy in this post in no way reflects my general attitude toward Christmas music.


Now that (American) Thanksgiving has passed us by, it’s officially normal, acceptable, and even desirable to begin playing Christmas music!

There is a playlist on my iTunes specifically for this time of the year, but I learned today that the “shuffle” feature is never more necessary than when listening to Christmas music. Why? Well…

There are no less than eight versions of “Silent Night” on my Christmas playlist. EIGHT! Now, I don’t know about you, but I enjoy all the verses of “Silent Night” the first time around. Harry Connick’s version is significantly different from Sinatra’s, so the second time’s okay, too. But by number three, I’m skipping past all the other “Silent Night”s on the list and frantically clicking “shuffle.”

The experience made me wonder, however, and I checked up on how many versions of other Christmas favourites had made their way into my playlist:

There are three recordings of the “Twelve Days of Christmas”…just imagine thirty-six days of Christmas that repeat themselves every twelve days, and the calling birds and French hens and turtle doves that come in between, with the last set of twelve being sung by the Muppets.I love the Muppets desperately (and can’t wait to see their new film!!!!!), but after twenty-four days of Christmas, I’m ready for a break.

“The Christmas Waltz” gets four repeats, which shouldn’t be so bad since it’s a relatively short song with only one verse. Having only one verse, however, significantly increases one’s awareness of that verse’s repetition, causing “The Christmas Waltz” to become “The Christmas Waltz of Sheer Insanity.”

But let’s not forget my favourite: the six variations on “Santa Claus is Coming to Town!” An hour later…Santa Claus is STILL coming to town. If you haven’t written your list and checked it twice by then, there’s no hope for you, my friend. You either don’t believe in Santa, or you’re way too lazy to deserve presents.

Needless to say, I will be utilizing the “shuffle” feature on my iTunes at all times in the future–or at least until after Christmas!


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  1. I’m so glad someone else gets into Christmas music. I have to hide my addiction to Kings College Choir singing “A Ceremony of Carols” to avoid the eye-rolling and exclamations of “Oh no, not the ‘hodies’ again!” I used to be able to con my kids into the Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids “Cabaret Noel” cds for more popular selections, but even those have worn thin. I’m ‘mixing it up’ this year with St. Paul Episcopal Cathedral’s (Bflo.) choir doing “Nine Lessons and Carols”. I have caroling bells hanging from the garland on my staicase, but the end 2 are not getting the electric impulse that makes the clapper move. So they skip 2 notes out of most of the carols, and it sounds pathetic. May have to look online for a replacement.

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