Mission: Literacy

Whether the reason is economic difficulty, neglect on the part of parents and teachers, a learning disability, or sheer laziness, there are an awful lot of people in this world who cannot read. Some never learned to; some never had the opportunity to learn. I am grateful every single day for my ability to understand… Continue reading Mission: Literacy

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PhD Proposal Process: topic shift

I was told before I started work that the specifics of the topic would change a thousand times, so I'm going to assume that I have approximately 999 shifts in topic left to go! After realizing that what I wanted to do had pretty much been done by Dobson, Worthen, and others, I decided for… Continue reading PhD Proposal Process: topic shift

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PhD Proposal Process: The first stuff on paper

Happy 2012! This post is the first in what will likely be a series related to my PhD proposal process. Since making the decision to pursue at PhD, I've spent inordinate amounts of time reading, researching, and formulating questions and ideas for the proposal. At the moment, I'm looking to examine the development of Shakespeare… Continue reading PhD Proposal Process: The first stuff on paper