Ars artis gratia?

Here’s a daydream I’ve been developing for some time: every artist in the world takes a month off.

Imagine: if everyone who is either self-defined or societally defined as an “artist” stopped working for 30 days–and also pulled the usage rights to any of their previously existing work for the same amount of time. This would include people who have ‘day jobs’ and are artists on their own time. This would include actors, dancers, musicians, photographers, painters, graphic designers, poets, novelists…the list goes on endlessly. Anyone who considers himself an artist or is considered by her peers to be an artist would be included in the global strike. If that happened, I don’t think anyone would ever again argue that art is not important ever again.

There are several reasons why this would never actually work (and why I don’t support actually doing it!!). Chiefest in my mind is the fact that we’d have an awful lot of insane or suicidal artists at the end of the 30 days in which they vowed to make no art and to allow no consumption of art. I know I’d be ready to jump off of something by the end of the first week!

But what would be great about it (besides a temporary lack of terrible pop music…) would be the awareness it would bring of just how much art and artists permeate our day-to-day lives.

It’s just a fantasy…but gosh darn, wouldn’t it be nice?



  1. I love this! (I know I’m posting a lot, but I’m just now getting into the blog world and I tend to talk a lot…)
    As far as us artists starving… We do that anyway! It’s not like most artists are paid anything even when they are working. It’s a life I look forward to though so no complaints.

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