Hypocrisy? Hypocrisy!

Somebody explain this conundrum to me, please: 

One of the basic tenets of conservatively-minded Americans is that there should be less government involvement in the daily lives of the public. Lowered taxes, relaxed regulations, privatization, and so on. 

How, then, can a Conservative support any of the recently proposed or passed legislation surrounding marriage equality and reproductive health? How does legislating who I can marry or how I choose to reproduce (or not reproduce) serve the goal of limiting governmental involvement in my day-to-day life? 

Just curious. 


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  1. As an American: I’m a liberal and I completely agree but I know a fair number of conservatives. They want people to butt out of their money because they’re either really rich and want to keep that money or really poor and can’t afford taxes. On the other hand, the want to control everyone socially so they don’t support gay marriage because they don’t understand it; however, I will say this for my country: In my experience, more and more people are becoming libertarian instead of all out conservative so they do support less government interaction both economically and socially. Hopefully that group of people continue to grow.

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