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Research Musings: Disappearance and Reappearance

I wrote last week about the idea that a production can be judged or received separately from a script. In speaking about this with my supervisor, we bridged  into a discussion about the idea of a script as the record or memory of performance, with reference to the “bad” Hamlet quarto. Hamlet paved the way… Continue reading Research Musings: Disappearance and Reappearance

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Research Musings: I thought I’d said ‘no’ to this, but…

How is it--after completing an MA in Staging Shakespeare and vowing up and down that my doctoral thesis would be about something other than this ridiculous monolith we call the Bard--how is it that I've ended up writing and reading about Shakespeare basically all the time? He's inescapable. Even the Oxford Collected Works of Thomas… Continue reading Research Musings: I thought I’d said ‘no’ to this, but…

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Research Musings: Ghosting and Surrogation

I finished reading Marvin Carlson's The Haunted Stage yesterday, and it provided some really interesting perspectives on my research so far and The Changeling in performance. Carlson never mentions Middleton, of course, but his examination of the ways in which the theatrical past inevitably haunts the theatrical present has raised several new questions for me.  For example, Carlson uses… Continue reading Research Musings: Ghosting and Surrogation

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Julius Caesar!

I interrupt my regularly scheduled research-related post to write about my friend Laura's practice-as-research project: a gender-bending production of Julius Caesar. Since my blog takes its name from that very play, I couldn't really get away with not posting about it; besides that, I've been given the opportunity to play the man himself--or should I say herself? That's… Continue reading Julius Caesar!

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Research Musings:

Just a quick one tonight: I've been continuing to read up on what happens when theatre companies decide to do an early modern play by someone other than Shakespeare, and I came across something I didn't expect today. This is a quotation from Pascale Aebischer's article 'Shakespearean Heritage and the Preposterous "Contemporary Jacobean" Film: Mike… Continue reading Research Musings: