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Okay…I’m writing again.

I wanted to write a quick follow up to my flailing post from last week -- I don't want to delete it, because I'm still grappling with those feelings, and I want to honour that moment of documented doubt. Hopefully it helps someone, someday, to read it and feel less alone. But I am writing… Continue reading Okay…I’m writing again.

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Thesis/Existential Crisis Moments

It is my firm belief, evolved over the past eight years of study (and likely to change at some point, pending further study), that any notion of "fidelity" to an "authentic" Shakespearean/early modern/classical text is, from a theatrical perspective at least, outdated, irrelevant, and unproductive. This is one of the reasons you'll find me defending… Continue reading Thesis/Existential Crisis Moments

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CFP: The International Christopher Marlowe

As you may or may not know, I've recently started working as a Research Assistant on an exciting early-career project led by Dr. Edward Paleit here at Exeter: The International Christopher Marlowe. We're very excited to announce that the Call for Papers for the project conference is now available. Click the link below for full… Continue reading CFP: The International Christopher Marlowe

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STR New Researchers’ Network Launch

Hello, followers and casual readers of my blog! I'm pleased to announce that today marks the launch of a project that I've been involved with for the past several months: the STR New Researchers' Network! On behalf of the Committee, I invite you to read the information below and get in touch if you're interested… Continue reading STR New Researchers’ Network Launch

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Lessons from Teenagers

My friends and I spent today today teaching drama workshops to 120 fourteen-year-old students. Meanwhile, Boston is on lockdown. I'm horrified by the seemingly pointless violence perpetrated there and by the images of the city as a ghost town. I'm saddened by the idea that someone taught those men that it's acceptable to kill people… Continue reading Lessons from Teenagers

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Julius Caesar: dress rehearsal

Tomorrow's the big day! That gender-bending production of Julius Caesar I wrote about a few weeks ago opens tomorrow, for one night only. It's been such a fun production to work on, and I can't wait to see it all come together. Perhaps the most interesting element of this production, for me, has been the… Continue reading Julius Caesar: dress rehearsal