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Here’s Looking at You, Kylo

The Star Wars-Casablanca mashup parody that no one asked for.

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Lessons from Teenagers

My friends and I spent today today teaching drama workshops to 120 fourteen-year-old students. Meanwhile, Boston is on lockdown. I'm horrified by the seemingly pointless violence perpetrated there and by the images of the city as a ghost town. I'm saddened by the idea that someone taught those men that it's acceptable to kill people… Continue reading Lessons from Teenagers

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Ars artis gratia?

Here's a daydream I've been developing for some time: every artist in the world takes a month off. Imagine: if everyone who is either self-defined or societally defined as an "artist" stopped working for 30 days--and also pulled the usage rights to any of their previously existing work for the same amount of time. This… Continue reading Ars artis gratia?

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In the run up to the 2012 US presidential election, there has been loads of controversy cropping up regarding various politicians' positions on various issues. The most recent and perhaps the most far-reaching example is last week's birth control/insurance hearing at which no female witnesses were called to testify. In a world where economies are… Continue reading Priorities