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Digging In: a response to (responses to) Dana Dusbiber

Those who know me know that I'm all about taking Shakespeare down a peg. But California high school teacher Dana Dusbiber's now-viral dismissal of Shakespeare really made me think--or, more specifically, the responses to her made me think. Published by Valerie Strauss on her Washington Post education blog, Dusbiber's article argues that Shakespeare does not serve the educational… Continue reading Digging In: a response to (responses to) Dana Dusbiber

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STR New Researchers’ Network Launch

Hello, followers and casual readers of my blog! I'm pleased to announce that today marks the launch of a project that I've been involved with for the past several months: the STR New Researchers' Network! On behalf of the Committee, I invite you to read the information below and get in touch if you're interested… Continue reading STR New Researchers’ Network Launch

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Lessons from Teenagers

My friends and I spent today today teaching drama workshops to 120 fourteen-year-old students. Meanwhile, Boston is on lockdown. I'm horrified by the seemingly pointless violence perpetrated there and by the images of the city as a ghost town. I'm saddened by the idea that someone taught those men that it's acceptable to kill people… Continue reading Lessons from Teenagers

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What Have We Done?

As a very wise professor (emeritus) said to me earlier today, 'If everyone gets a first, then there is no such thing as a first.' In other words, unless a low mark makes one stop and think about what could have been improved upon in the essay/performance in question, then marks are worth nothing at… Continue reading What Have We Done?

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Awareness Post: Buffalo Teachers

For those of you who are not aware, there is a situation right now in the Buffalo Public School district that makes my blood boil. It infuriated me when I heard about it on the radio several weeks ago, but now that school has actually started and it's not in the news as much, I… Continue reading Awareness Post: Buffalo Teachers